Download a PDF of the Naka-Kon 2016 schedule here!

Please note, this is a tentative schedule and times are subject to change. The final version of the schedule will be available at the convention.

Naka-Kon hosts a wide variety of events that appeal to all attendees, from veteran anime fans to those who are new to anime and Japanese culture. Game Shows offer attendees with an abundance of Japanese and anime-related knowledge with which to test their wits while simultaneously offering newcomers a glimpse into this popular subculture.

Our large Gaming Room features many different console games with games in both English and Japanese in addition to tabletop games which allow attendees to come together to solve problems while having fun. Contests let attendees demonstrate their talent through creation of stories, anime music videos (AMVs), and other forms of media.

Dozens of entertaining and educational Panels hosted by Naka-Kon staff, knowledgeable volunteers, and prominent American voice actors and manga artists are held throughout the weekend. We also host a Cosplay, or costume, contest on each day of the convention, with the main Masquerade competition on Saturday night and smaller Hall Cosplay contests on Friday and Sunday. In addition to these exciting events, we offer 24-hour anime showing rooms. You'll never get bored at Naka-Kon, guaranteed!